[pgrouting-users] Find vertices away from a specified distance

Raghavan Krishnasamylakshmanaperumal rkrish20 at uic.edu
Mon Apr 21 22:31:58 PDT 2014

Hi All,

I am experimenting with Chicago runner's GPS traces(collected from
Runkeeper.com). I like to know if the following problem can be solved using

I have created a graph using pgr_nodeNetwork and pgr_createTopology. Given
a longitude, latitude point I know to find the vertices closer to that but
I want to know if given a longitude, latitude point can I find the vertices
away  from a specified distance. Distance here means the lineStrings length
in meters.

For example I have a longitude/latitude and want to know all the vertices
500meters away from the given longitude/latitude point. Are there functions
available in pgRouting to infer such vertices?

Thanks and Regards,
Raghavan KL
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