[postgis-devel] Regression failure in 1.4.0SVN and 8.4beta1

Mark Cave-Ayland mark.cave-ayland at siriusit.co.uk
Tue Apr 28 03:03:08 PDT 2009

Kevin Neufeld wrote:

> FYI, I was doing some automated regression testing and discovered that 
> trunk doesn't pass the regression tests on 8.4
> http://office.refractions.net:1500/job/PostGIS-trunk-regress84/ws/results.log/*view*/ 
> http://office.refractions.net:1500/job/PostGIS-trunk-regress84/19/
> -- Kevin

Yuck - that's a complete pain. The short-term fix would be to alter the 
massive set of pipes to remove lines beginning with LINE followed by the 
extra CR/LF.

The long term fix is, of course, to move the majority of the testing 
framework over to CUnit. With the advent of liblwgeom, we can test 95%+ 
of the functions without having to deal with different outputs from 



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