[postgis-devel] Windows build for 1.4.1

Paragon Corporation lr at pcorp.us
Mon Dec 21 12:21:01 PST 2009

We are building the windows stack builder install for 1.4.1


This is more a question for you I guess.  Do you mind if we replace the html
documentation with the PDF manual and also have an online link to the svn
1.4 html documentation.

We figure off-line the PDF version is more useful as its easier to search
and also if we go with the html we would have to package all those images.
Now that we have so many images and that is increasing -- its a bit of a
pain to update that section of the installer.


Are we supposed to be able to build shp2pgsql-gui with the 1.4.1 tar ball?
Get all sorts of errors.  Though we were able to with the 1.5  last we

Anyrate given the heavy gtk dependency -- I don't think we'll be including
it as part of the installer package, unless someone can think of a good way
to package it.  We were thinking of just having this as a separate download
and have people download the gtk bundle separately or package it with the
separate download.

Thoughts anyone?

Regina and Leo


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