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Yes I wouldn't want to include it in stack builder.  Speaking of which can
we get rid of 1.3.5 in stack builder?

Last I checked it was still there so having 1.3.5 and 1.3.6 may be confusing
to new users. 

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Paul Ramsey wrote:
> Regina (cc'ed to dev list),
> I'm 4-square for providing experimental windows builds, we have a very 
> large windows user contingent now, and having them help us find bugs 
> means helping them get testable builds, so yes! We might have to 
> distribute the builds the old fashioned way, since we probably don't 
> want betas and rc's in stackbuilder, though perhaps Mark knows what 
> the stackbuilder policy is?
> P

The rules are reasonably simple: make sure that they are clearly labelled as
demo builds and put up plenty of disclaimers about not using on production
systems :)

I don't think that we should put experimental builds on StackBuilder as
otherwise I can see problems with people choosing the wrong download and
then getting upset. I see no reason not host them on refractions.net in a
beta/ directory and posting the URL to the users list, as I have done
several times in the past.



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