[postgis-devel] Raster: band stats api test taking 1.2Gb VM

Bborie Park bkpark at ucdavis.edu
Tue May 17 08:25:17 PDT 2011

> I think regress test is for testing correctness, not performance,
> unless you can automate checking for speed or memory usage degradation
> (which would be nice, but I'd still do as a separately triggered test)
> As for input size there's likely the possibility for create rasters
> using a set of function calls, so the repository remains smaller
> (but I'm not sure this is what you were referring to with "smaller").

The raster itself is built using the function calls.  I just need to
change the dimensions to something more appropriate (say 100 x 100
instead of 10000 x 10000) for testapi.c


Bborie Park
Center for Vectorborne Diseases
UC Davis
bkpark at ucdavis.edu

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