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#1247: ST_AsRaster aggregate function
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 Not sure if this is what you had in mind when you said "Burn In" function
 in your talk.  A common need I have which I am sure is that of many BI
 analysts is the need to show simple thematic maps in reports.

 What came to mind to me was an aggregate ST_AsRaster function that takes a
 set of geomval rows (or multicolumn geom, value) and builds a raster.
 Basically a reverse of the ST_DumpAsPolgons function.

 This would make it trivial to do a query such as

 SELECT ST_AsPNG(ST_AsRaster(gval),300,300) As mymap
 FROM (SELECT ROW(ST_Union(geom), SUM(pop))::geomval As gval
 FROM sumregion
 GROUP BY region_name) As fii }}}

 Which is big considering many report writers allow their picture box
 controls to be bound to query fields.  We might have a new crowd of BI
 analysts looking to get a piece of PostGIS action.


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