[postgis-devel] upgrading to 2.2.0dev from 2.1

Paragon Corporation lr at pcorp.us
Fri Mar 7 14:18:47 PST 2014

We've been changing the build/upgrade logic in trunk quite a bit these past
few weeks, though that shouldn't have caused this issue. Also new bison
version should not be required.
Do you see files created in your source folder in extensions/postgis/sql or
its not creating those at all?


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About gdal : a 'sudo ldconfig', and now postgis_full_version is no more

I still have  issue about postgres update script. 

Shall I manually create the update script from 2.1 to 2.2 by fusing the
rt_postgis--2.1--2.2 , postgis .. ??


2014-03-07 20:01 GMT+01:00 Rémi Cura <remi.cura at gmail.com>:

Hey List,

I downloaded and compiled the latest postgis version (from git).

Everything runs smootlhy (new dependency for bison ?).

Butmake install is not doing what it should.

it creates the 'postgresql/9.3/contrib/postgis-2.2 folder' and file it with
the stuff,

but it doesn't create the files in 'postgresql/9.3/extension'

such as postgis--2.2.0dev.sql, postgis--2.1-2.2.sql, and so.

I created a postgis--2.2.0dev.sql by fusionning postgis.sql, rt_postgis.sql,
spatial_ref_sys.sql,and changed the 'postgis.control' manually

so I was able to add to a fresh database 'CREATE EXTENSION postgis VERSION

Yet the version of GDAL is still the old one (according to postgis full

In ./configure the correct version of gdal was recognized (1.11)

Am I missing something?



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