[postgis] PostGIS/ PostGreSQL ODBC problem

TONY J.Y. tjiang at mrf.com
Mon Dec 17 13:42:50 PST 2001

Hi all,

I am using the PostGIS to do research. Here I think that I found a bug with PostGreSQL / PostGIS.
PostgreSQL 7.1.3/ PostGIS 0.6.2

There is a function called "Astext" in PostGIS, defined as below.
    -- Function: astext(geometry)
    CREATE FUNCTION "astext"("geometry") RETURNS "text" AS 'astext_geometry' LANGUAGE 'C' WITH (ISSTRICT);

When I used this function to return a geometry column, everything is OK if the result was less than 8190.
I used the ODBC to get the ADO RecordSet.  The DefinedSize of the field "astext" is 8190.  

Does this the PostgreSQL's ODBC problem?  If the ODBC can not get the field's size, would it give the size of 8190?
Or this is the PostGIS's problem?

Best regards,

Tony Jiang, MSc
Research & Development Programmer/Analyst
MRF Geosystems Corp (www.mrf.com)
Suite 700, 665 8th Street SW, 
Calgary, AB T2P 3K7
(403) 216-5515 ext:226
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