[postgis] "length2d" function was replaced by "length" function in PostGIS 0.6?

Hisaji ONO ono96 at fa2.so-net.ne.jp
Thu Sep 27 05:22:58 PDT 2001

 In the Online Manual of PostGIS 0.6, length2d function still exists in
"Other Functions" section, no description about length function in
"Chapter 5." But postgis.sql of PostGIS 0.6 doesn't define
length2d(returned value type Float4), length is defined(returned value
type Float8).

 Which function does PostGIS really support? And length function is
similar to length funcion in OpenGIS Simple Features Specification For
SQL. This function's description should be in Chapter 5's "OpenGIS
Functions" section?


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