[postgis-users] POLYGON with more then 3 sides?

Twan Kogels twan at twansoft.com
Sun Aug 17 12:34:01 PDT 2003


I created a applicatie where the user draws a area on a map. When the area 
drawn is saved i convert the x and y coordinates of the serveral points of 
the area to geo coordinates. After that i generate my sql query to insert a 
POLYGON into a GEOMETRY column.

Postgis gives me the following error:
ERROR: polygon has ring with <3 points

My query:
insert into gebruikercommentaar (gebid, projid, comid, the_geom) values 
('1', '33', '6', GeometryFromText('POLYGON(
(152300.49174 414483.593175,152300.49174 414483.593175),
(152300.49174 414483.593175,152441.23152 414436.660073),
(152441.23152 414436.660073,152352.17584 414352.339586),
(152352.17584 414352.339586,152280.61324 414383.363161),
(152280.61324 414383.363161,152300.49174 414483.593175)

Most of the time the area drawn has more then 3 sides, i guess that's why 
postgis gives me a error, cause a POLYGON can't have more then 3 sides.

Is there a GIS object which supports a figure polygon with more the 3 
sides, for example 10?


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