[postgis-users] GEOS Installation Testing Help

Darren Houston darren.houston at edu.sait.ca
Thu Dec 4 13:55:58 PST 2003

Hello everyone.

This is in response to the thread:

RE: [postgis-users] Will someone compile PostGIS 0.8.0 and PostgreSQL 7.4
for Win32 and want to share it?

I have tried multiple times to post to this thread, but something stops me.
So, I have to start a new thread.

I have been following this post and decided to see if my GEOS was 
working properly with PostgreSQL. 

I tried; 

SELECT geomunion( 
        'POINT(0 0)' 

and I received this error; 

NOTICE:  IllegalArgumentException: This method does not support 
GeometryCollection arguments 
ERROR:  GEOS union() threw an error! 

PostgreSQL isn't affected by the error. 

Ok, but the thing is, the PostgreSQL I'm running is the default 7.3.4 
PostgreSQL installed fresh from CD when I installed RedHat 9 (with the 
latest RedHat RPM updates). Here is some info on my database; 

SELECT version(); 

PostgreSQL 7.3.4 on i386-redhat-linux-gnu, compiled by GCC 
i386-redhat-linux-gcc (GCC) 3.2.2 20030222 (Red Hat Linux 3.2.2-5) 

ldd /usr/bin/postmaster 

libpam.so.0 => ... 
libssl.so.4 => ... 
libc.so.6   => /lib/tls/libc.so.6 

I have no linking to libstdc++ with postmaster. When I compile and install
PostGIS and Geos I compile PostgreSQL from source adding the
LDFLAGS=-lstdc++ (only make, not make install). I then 
compile and install Geos and PostGIS into their own directories and use 
them with PostgreSQL. So how can Geos work with a PostgreSQL that has no 
link to c++, unless Geos just needs it to compile and install, not run? 

I have used other Geos functions with success. Any other queries that 
would differentiate between a working and non-working Geos? 

Thank you for anyone with ideas/information to this. 

Darren H.
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