[postgis-users] GEOS Installation Testing Help

Steffen Macke sdteffen at web.de
Thu Dec 4 23:31:23 PST 2003


> I tried;
> SELECT geomunion(
>         'POINT(0 0)'
> );
> and I received this error;
> NOTICE:  IllegalArgumentException: This method does not support
> GeometryCollection arguments
> ERROR:  GEOS union() threw an error!
> PostgreSQL isn't affected by the error.

It is correct and necessary that you receive this error. The test is looking
for this error message. If it wouldn't be there, the PostgreSQL server
backend most probably would crash.

Here's another simple query that tests for GEOS (but doesn't return
an error message):

select intersection('POINT(1 1)', 'POINT(1 1)');

This should return POINT(1 1)


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