[postgis-users] Remote running of shp2pgsql / pgsql2shp from Windows to Linux

Tyler Mitchell TMitchell at lignum.com
Tue Dec 9 10:49:07 PST 2003

I think that what you probably want to do is create a web application on
the linux box that you can "upload" a shapefile to and have it run the
shp2pgsql to load the database.  Does that make sense?  Are both machines
on the same network and accessible to one another?  Tell us more about your
environment and how you would like your application to work.


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This is an exactly issue of postgis but it might have something that we can
make the most of it
as there has been a concern in support multiple languages and so on.

I wonder if, in a local network, from a Java/Windows machine I could
trigger the execution of
shp2pgsql / pgsql2shp that are located in Linux machine. Because I am more
of the Java camp
and not in the operating/network system I have no idea except trying to
install a server in the
Linux machine who could be receiving instructions to upload or download
from shape files into PostGis.

thank you in advance.

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