[postgis-users] postgis, postgresql and geological data

Dennis Veatch dveatch at woh.rr.com
Wed Dec 17 06:04:46 PST 2003

Some background about what I want to do and hopefully someone can point me in 
the right direction. My brother-in-law drills water wells and some time ago I 
created a customer database so he could look up information about the well he 
drilled. The idea I have is to create a database of geological data for water 
well drillers and merge/link it to a database of their customers. The state 
of Ohio now requires the well driller to include the latitude and longitude 
of the new well when he submits his report to the state agency.

Other information they provide on that state report are the underburden layers 
they drill through, such as, dirt, clay, sand, gravel, clay/sand, 
gravel/sand, etc.

He has well records going back to when his father was in the same business 
(about 50 years worth). So in general the goal is to take a wells 
longitude/latitude and overlay that with a map of what was drilled through to 
create the well.

My confusion is where to find existing geological data that I can use as a 
basis, can such data be imported (easily) into Postgis/Postgresql and well, 
there are a number of other things but I don't want to make this post to 

Any thoughts, pointers or suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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"Trying"? My contribution was much closer to a "feeble wave in the general 
direction of something that might lead you one step closer to a solution 
if you squint really hard and do all of the work."

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