[postgis-users] java libraries

Maurizio Napolitano napo at itc.it
Tue Dec 30 05:10:38 PST 2003

If you want publish vectorial data on the web by using some java library
you can use the framework geoserver (http://geoserver.sourceforge.net/)
(based on the geotools library).
Look here for some demos:

If you want create your self a map server by using gistoolkit (or
geotools - i'm a gistoolkit user), you must draw the map on a
Display java object and save the output in a jpg or png or other
type of image format (look to the JAI API on the Sun web site

For GISToolkit look here:

GISToolkit is ready with a Web Map Server (WMS) implementation
based on the OGC web map service specification.
Look here:

Now for JUMP (the powerfull GUI made by Vividsolutions based
on the JTS - http://www.vividsolutions.com/jump/) is ready the
postgis driver made by refractions.
I think that is not hard create some PNG images by the use of

For the future i think that a good way can be the use of the
SVG for the client.
GISToolkit and GeoServer are ready to export in SVG format by use the
Batik classes (http://xml.apache.org/batik/) but ... there are'nt
free implementation for a SVG browser plugin (the only one is the
Adobe SVG Plugin and not work nice with the all platforms).

A very good and nice solution (but is NOT free ... SIGH)
for the web is the tecnology called "MapTP" made by NetSolut
Look to this Java Applet (http://www.map24.it -> MAPS) to understand
the power of this tecnology.

... there are some developers ready for a free implementation of MapTP
based on PostGIS?

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