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	A flexible alternative for hybrid vector raster is to use the w3c SVG
http://www.w3.org/Graphics/SVG/ SVG is a powerful vector XML that allows
referencing png and jpg. This allows you to put vector layers over imagery
and use the built in filter effects including custom kernal convolutions. In
addition you have complete event driven control of any of the SVG elements
as well as DOM access in the local script engine. There are some interesting
multimedia, sound, animation, etc, capabilities as well. SVG is the
windowing technology used inside the newer KDE and Gnome GUIs. Even
Microsoft in its inimitable fashion is cannabalizing SVG for their future
Longhorn GUI renaming it XAML and adding the Microsoft only hooks. SVG is
nice since you can customize as little or as much capability as you want on
both the server side and the client side. It doesn't hurt that its an open
w3c standard as well.


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If you want publish vectorial data on the web by using some java library
you can use the framework geoserver (http://geoserver.sourceforge.net/)
(based on the geotools library).
Look here for some demos:

If you want create your self a map server by using gistoolkit (or
geotools - i'm a gistoolkit user), you must draw the map on a
Display java object and save the output in a jpg or png or other
type of image format (look to the JAI API on the Sun web site

For GISToolkit look here:

GISToolkit is ready with a Web Map Server (WMS) implementation
based on the OGC web map service specification.
Look here:

Now for JUMP (the powerfull GUI made by Vividsolutions based
on the JTS - http://www.vividsolutions.com/jump/) is ready the
postgis driver made by refractions.
I think that is not hard create some PNG images by the use of

For the future i think that a good way can be the use of the
SVG for the client.
GISToolkit and GeoServer are ready to export in SVG format by use the
Batik classes (http://xml.apache.org/batik/) but ... there are'nt
free implementation for a SVG browser plugin (the only one is the
Adobe SVG Plugin and not work nice with the all platforms).

A very good and nice solution (but is NOT free ... SIGH)
for the web is the tecnology called "MapTP" made by NetSolut
Look to this Java Applet (http://www.map24.it -> MAPS) to understand
the power of this tecnology.

... there are some developers ready for a free implementation of MapTP
based on PostGIS?

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