[postgis-users] Cygwin / PostgreSQL / PostGIS installation

Norman Vine nhv at cape.com
Tue Feb 25 04:58:39 PST 2003

Henry Holland writes:
> > question. Did you
> > also install the package Perl in Cygwin?
> Yes, I installed the binary. I've had no luck trying to install it from
> the source, and no-one's been able to help me on the lists (perl and
> cygwin lists) either. I can install Postgresql from source if I don't
> use perl (or any of the other extensions), but if I use --with-perl I
> get more undefined references. Now, if postgis works with the binary
> postgresql, perhaps I can use it as is and won't have to worry too much
> since the binary is compiled with perl and java. I'll let you know if I
> have any more trouble.

FYI - the following snipped from 

The following packages or later are required to build and/or execute
Cygwin PostgreSQL:
    perl 5.8.0-1

this works for me


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