[postgis-users] using mouseclicks to center postgis query

Gustavo Alcides Concheiro Pérez gacp at d-konstruktors.org
Tue Dec 7 13:03:06 PST 2004

I want to center a postgis spatial query using the position clicked on by
the user. I could get the html page to use [mapx] and [mapy] and then send
those values as hidden CGI variables and use those variables as %variable%
in the postgis SQL query, and it works fine, but only with value that are
from the *past* user interaction. (Makes sense, of course :)

The big idea is to use postgis to search a circel of radius R, R being
entered passed as CGI variable; works fine.

What I cannot do is to either use the [mapx] and [mapy] values themselves,
or to get the html page to pass *current* values to the CGI (I do not see
how, since mapx and mapy are calculated from imgx and imgy by the MapServer
CGI, aren't they?)

So: suggestions?

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