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TECHER Jean David davidtecher at yahoo.fr
Fri Dec 17 04:42:07 PST 2004

I tried your tool..
Great !!!
TECHER Jean David
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> hello everyone!
> just in case i could interest anyone, i've created this little
> primitive gui for shp2pgsql. it's in VB though so my apologies to
> non-win32 users.
> http://s2pface.epinoy.com
> it's a standalone program. so this gives you quite the illusion of
> uploading your shapefile to the server, if you will. although i am
> aware that you can easily perform this using Jump, QGIS, etc. still,
> it's a little less than 500kb.
> i've been migrating our system here in our organization from using
> shapefiles to using postgis. anyway, after i've set up the server,
> during converting and inserting data, it got so tiresome. so i created
> this gui to make things easier for me. hope somehow it could for
> someone out there too.
> thanx!
> -Myk
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