[postgis-users] Re: does postgis support raster data?

wlx wlx at mygis.org
Sun Dec 19 02:04:00 PST 2004

   I am very interesting this topic too,and I have searched the mail list,
and I found that Postgis did a try to raster data, the url here:
l , but I don't know the result of this research.
   If there are a project about raster data of postgreql,I want to join it.

   Best regards,

LiangXu Wang
> Hello everybody,
>    I am new to this group and I don't know much about 
> postgis. I want to know if postgis supports raster data. If 
> not, is there any project going on in this direction?
> I have another question. Which group is working on topology 
> support? What is the status of the project? 
> regards,
> Upendra

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