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Gerry Creager N5JXS gerry.creager at tamu.edu
Mon Dec 20 05:32:59 PST 2004

TECHER Jean David wrote:
> Hi Marc
> Licenses problem has already been considered between Paul and Magnus
> Hagander (I think...)
> The idea I suggested to Magnus is for the moment to suggest only postgis
> version 0.9.1/geos 2.1.0: proj 4.4.9..
> and let people test it ...I gave him the code to compil this tools
> versions...
> I agree with to wait for the next version of postgis 1.RC1. ..
> I don't think about losing our freedom...
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> Hi David,
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>>I tell you that since PostGIS will be available in the next
>>release of pginstaller... and with pginstaller you had to use
>>a password
> Is this definite? I think it may be wise to open some more discussion about
> this as there are several issues to consider; for example if we had wanted
> to be included with pginstaller/postgresql releases then I would assume that
> we would have become part of the official contrib/ tree a long time before
> now. At the moment we have the freedom to release as we need to, however
> with pginstaller then in effect we are giving up this ability (not to
> mention that I don't think they would wait for our release of 1.0 before
> producing the final installer for 8.0). One more thing is that I'm not sure
> exactly how we stand with licensing, since as someone mentioned on the list
> before, PostgreSQL and PostGIS are made available under different
> licenses.....
> Comments?

I think this is a workable solution.  As already pointed out, the 
varying license issue is, generally, resolvable.

I believe the potential benefit of incorporating PostGIS into the 
installer outweighs the downside issues at this point.

I would hope we can incorporate some autoconf flagging to allow for 
differences in release schedules.  The primary problem here will be in 
major feature incorporation in PostGIS, or, when postgresql sees a major 
upgrade that breaks backward compatibility and the API.  I believe 
there's close enough coordination to allow these to be dealt with.

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