[postgis-users] Safe Software announces beta PostGIS 1.0 support in FME 2006 (Build 2089)

Ryan Proulx Ryan.Proulx at safe.com
Wed Aug 10 13:31:27 PDT 2005



For those that are interested, PostGIS 1.0/PostgreSQL 8.0 beta support
is now available starting with FME 2006 Build 2089.


This upgrade includes:

*	Support for new bytea geometry types and WKB writing
*	Adhere to dimension constraint on geometry columns where
*	Fix 3D geometry failures when z=0
*	Increased allowable table and column name length to 63
*	Support newer COPY functionality (no delimiter)
*	Added support for creating generic geometry columns (GEOMETRY)
*	Improved table listing: no geometry tables, views, only geometry
tables that exist
*	Added schema "search_path" support for default schema
*	Allow spaces (and other offensive characters) in table names and
*	Improved settings options: added database keyword, removed
schema keyword
*	Support for possible spatial relationships on read (GEOS)
*	Support for UNICODE databases via system encoding matching
*	Expanded index type creation and added 'serial' column support
(writer only)
*	Support for integrated coordinate systems at the writer level
and table level
*	Qualified table names of the form <schemaname>.<tablename>
*	Removed lower case restriction

For those interested in a free trial of FME please feel free to download
the latest beta from http://www.safe.com/beta.





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