[postgis-users] ArcGIS/ArcView client to the PostGIS?

Isidoro Arroyo Barrantes isidoro at consorciomerida.org
Wed Oct 5 06:01:28 PDT 2005

Chris Matheson escribió:
> Out of curiousity, has anyone out there tried the ESRI Data 
> Interoperability Extension with PostGIS?
> Chris M.
I use Data interoperability extension (DIE) with ArcGIS 9 to access 
PostGIS 0.9.1 and PostgreSQL 7.4.5 on Debian 3.1.
My tests works fine, but DIE can only read from PostGIS database 
(although it can import/export tables).

The best is that DIE can use views. We makes views with sophisticated 
queries at postGIS side and we use DIE + ArcMAP to print the resulting maps.

zigGIS project sounds really well.


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