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Claire McLister mclister at zeesource.net
Fri Oct 28 10:45:48 PDT 2005


  Thanks for your message. I looked at the mapbender site, and it looks 
like it has the basic functions except the password protection, which 
you will probably need at some point:-) The performance from here 
(California) was slow, and the map image did not look as good as 
Google's. I suppose we have better map images available?

  I could not find Cunninghams talk on P2P style wiki's, but seems to me 
that it would be too much work for a simple web page. Ideally, we'd 
just want to have a static map with possibly Javascript popups. That 
way, the performance can be good and the web site doesn't become that 
onerous that the pg www group kicks us out.

  So, a question to you and Palo: Can you generate such static map 
(along with Javascript code) from Mapserver?


On Oct 28, 2005, at 3:44 AM, Arnulf Christl wrote:

> Claire McLister wrote:
>> Good point. This might actually be a problem. Google Maps API 
>> requires each server that is serving the map to be registered with 
>> Google, and send the corresponding key when making the Javascript 
>> request.
>> Unless the mirrors can each send their own keys, this will not work.
>> Claire
> Hi, more cross posting...
> Sounds like this task should be solved using WMS and WFS services. 
> Google is cool but in order to foster both Open Source and standards 
> (OGC) we would suggest to use e.g. MapServer as WMS to produce the 
> maps and GeoServer as WFS to manage geomtries. Those OWS services 
> could then be included in any OWS client, web interface, etc. 
> Everything is there and ready to go, the effort to get it to run 
> should be minimal.
> Our clients usually operate PostgreSQL databases with several million 
> geometries - those 500 to 600 markers could be hosted on any 
> antediluvian box and still be fast. You will know what to about 
> mirroring, we would probably suggest to implement P2P - read Ward 
> Cunninghams ideas  int he keynote at the Wikimania conference this 
> summer...
> We have done the user mmapping Mapbender users with tooltips, direct 
> link to the website, etc. You can have a look at it on the project 
> homepage http://www.mapbender.org
> Its done Wiki-style so that users can enter their own position (use 
> the blue flag) or remove or edit any position (use the i-button). No 
> user accounts yet but security and authentication is in place and have 
> just not yet been necessary (still waiting for spatial spam...)
> We will spread word about spatial data management using 
> PostgreSQL/PostGIS with MapServer, GeoServer etc. at the 
> http://www.opendbcon.net (database fundamentals) on Nov. 8. and 9. in 
> Frankfurt/Main, Germany.
> This idea is on short notice but i would be really very excited if i 
> could show the map there! We suggest the following alterantive 
> actions:
> - It should be easy to add a geometry_column to the existing 
> PostgreSQL database which alredy has the positions. Add a GeoServer 
> WFS to access the geomtry and a MapServer for WMS display.
> - Alternatively send Paolo or us or both the geo-positions and we add 
> them to our existing OWS infrastructure (that will takt a few hours of 
> work only).
> Beause there is not so much time until the conference this would just 
> be be a prototype which should in the long run move to the PostgreSQL 
> or PostGIS homepage or Wiki or both. Yet another idea:  Mediawiki (the 
> Wikipedia software) is also right now introducing geometries to the 
> Wiki database - obviously also using PostgreSQL/PostGIS. This would be 
> another cool multiplier.. and there we also meet with Google again.
> Best, Arnulf.
>> On Oct 26, 2005, at 6:02 PM, Robert Treat wrote:
>>> On Wednesday 26 October 2005 18:24, Claire McLister wrote:
>>>> On Oct 26, 2005, at 2:08 PM, Brent Wood wrote:
>>>>> There has recently been a thread on the Postgres user list about a 
>>>>> web
>>>>> based postgres user/developer map. Claire has built a Google map 
>>>>> based
>>>>> system, getting locations from IP addresses.
>>>> Just so people know, this map can be found at:
>>>>   http://www.zeesource.net/maps/map.do?group=456
>>> I'm going to loop in a few more people here :-), namely the pg web 
>>> team who
>>> will probably be able to give pointers on site integration. One 
>>> thing to keep
>>> in mind is that the postgresql website is statically mirrored onto a 
>>> number
>>> of different servers, so any solution we come up with will ideally 
>>> allow
>>> itself to that. I believe a google maps system can do this (we can 
>>> mirror the
>>> javascript code and the location/data file on all mirrors and the 
>>> google map
>>> will work with it as is), which is why I originally went with that 
>>> type of
>>> solution.
>>> -- 
>>> Robert Treat
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