[postgis-users] PostGIS setup - Ubuntu Breezy + PostgreSQL-8.1

alex bodnaru alexbodn at 012.net.il
Mon Apr 17 08:09:30 PDT 2006

talking about a gis specific repository, it may keep binaries for
various ubuntu versions, built at any intervals may be chosen.

but you will allways build those binaries off the same sources, as the
exact binary dependencies are been allways calculated at build time.

hope to have helped,


John Taber wrote:
> Stefano Costa wrote:
>> The objective would be that apt-get install postgis always provides
>> users with
>> the latest version of the software, without the pain of adding
>> repositories and
>> so on.
> Note that main Ubunutu repositories are not designed to be the latest
> packages, only an every 6 month snapshot of Deb Unstable plus any major
> security updates.  If you want the latest at all times, you need to run
> Deb Unstable.  The advantage of Ubuntu is a little more stability while
> staying close to up-to-date.  If you try to add newer Deb Unstable
> packages, you risk dependency problems (I've tried, had bad experiences,
>  and have gone back to just waiting until the next 6 mo release).  But
> you can add newer packages to the "Backport" section or have your own
> repository with all the necessary updated dependencies and people can
> use at their own risk.
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