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Norman Barker nbarker at ittvis.com
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I am doing this as part of the OSGEO Geodata project - but I agree its
home is in postgis for this part, I wanted to give it as free a license
as possible - does MIT or BSD sound fine to you, or even Apache - I
personally have no problems with LGPL (JBoss has this license), but
other companies do.

I will package it all up with docs and an ejb deployer and sent it to
you in the near future (within 2 weeks).


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Hi, Norman,

Norman Barker wrote:

> I have searched all over the place for this, and no one has posted a
> solution , just the same question !! - apologies if you have already
> solved this, hope it helps someone.
> This allows you to use spatial types from within the EJB3 Java
> Persistence Architecture.
> The solution is as follows (only tested in write mode so far);

Looks interesting.

Would you like to contribute it under [L]GPL, so we can include it into
the PostGIS sources?

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