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alex bodnaru alexbodn at 012.net.il
Fri Jan 13 18:21:55 PST 2006

hi peter,

i am not including the file again, because of it's volume (round 100k).
please see my previous answer to assad.

i'll be glad to find it would work for you.


Peter König wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am trying to install PostGIS on an Ubuntu-Linux for two days now -
> unfortunatly without success. Since I saw some postings here about
> successful installations on Ubuntu and the AMD64-architecture, maybe there
> is someone who could give me a hint.
> The first attemt was to install Postgres via the source-distribution:
> apt-get -b source postgresql-8.0 postgresql-server-dev-8.0
> I also installed proj and geos.
> Then I copied PostGIS-archive (tried 1.1 and 1.06) to the pg-contrib-dir
> in the "build-tree"-path and extracted them there. After configuring
> (1.1)/ modifiying the Makefile.config (1.0.6), proj and geos were
> correctly found, "make" and "make install" proceeded without errors (but
> many warnings [*] ) and I got liblwgeom.so.xx in
> /usr/lib/postgresql/8.0/lib (liblwgeom.so.1 and liblwgeom.so in the same
> dir were link to it)
> Then I chowned the regess-dir to postgres:postgres and started "make" in
> that dir (as user "postgres") to perform the tests. V 1.0.6 produced a lot
> of errors complaining about an uninstalled "geos" and with V 1.1.0 I
> received the message, that 8 of 9 tests have failed. Although I see the
> PostGIS-Funtions in a new db they do not work.
> Another approach was to try to install the ubuntu deb-package of postgis
> 1.0.6 from arocaware, but it also failed.
> Any idea to solve this would be welcome. Thanks,
> Peter
> [*]:
> Warnung: Zeigerziele in Zuweisung unterscheiden sich im Vorzeichenbesitz
> Warnung: Zeigerziele bei Übergabe des Arguments 1 von »HexDecode«
> unterscheiden sich im Vorzeichenbesitz
> May be loosly translated as "the targets of the pointers in the assignment
> are differently signed" and "the targets of the pointers of argument 1 of
> HexDecode are differently signed" (I am not c-coder ..).
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