[postgis-users] PostGIS 1.1.5 Win32 Binaries for PostgreSQL 8.2 beta 1 available

Mike Leahy mgleahy at alumni.uwaterloo.ca
Mon Oct 23 12:57:37 PDT 2006

Ok...here goes:

The issue I found with the template_postgis feature is that it makes the
installer fail completely if no service is available, such that the
installation appears to be incomplete (with no uninstall option).  Since
installing PostgreSQL as a service is optional in its own installer, I
think it might be better to instead have a warning message in the
PostGIS installer if there's no service available, and then allow the
installer to complete anyway.  Alternatively, the template_postgis
database could be an option in the installer.  At least that way when
the installer finishes, the PostGIS binaries can still be properly used
and/or uninstalled.

In my case, I was experimenting with the new PostgreSQL binaries by
starting the database via command-line (without installing the service
in Windows).  This is in part because I still had a copy of
PostgreSQL-8.1.4/PostGIS-1.1.3 installed as a service, but also because
I use PostgreSQL this way via a .Net application that controls its own
PostgreSQL database using the binaries.  It was fluke that I had the
previous version of the service stopped when I ran the installer,
otherwise the template_postgis database would have been installed in the
wrong database entirely.

I realize it's not a huge issue, as my case is fairly unique - most
users will likely have no problem at all.

Thanks again,


Mark Cave-Ayland wrote:
> Hi Mike,
>> Thanks - these binaries work great.
>> There is one issue I found with the installer.  If I choose not to use
>> the option to create the postgis database automatically, it still tries
>> to make the template_postgis database.  If there is no PostgreSQL
>> service initialized and running yet, the installer fails here (but is
>> still essentially installed from what I can tell).
> Yes, this is deliberate. The idea is to automatically create the
> template_postgis database as part of the install; selecting the option to
> create the postgis database creates a new database called "postgis" using
> this template that the user can immediately jump in and use (the best
> metaphor would be to assume that the "template_postgis" database is a
> class while the "postgis" database is an object).
> If you feel that there are problems in the way that this works, please
> feed back to the mailing lists.
>> At any rate, thanks again for the making these.
> No problem. Since this is a snapshot of the code that will make the
> official 8.2 installer, please do let us know if you experience any
> problems with it.
> Kind regards,
> Mark.
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