[postgis-users] Distance between two points !

Fabio Rillo rillfab at hotmail.com
Fri Jul 6 01:59:00 PDT 2007


I'm a newbie to PostGIS and I have same problem with function
distance(geometry, geometry). I need to know the distance between two points
IN METERS but distance return a number that represent the distance into
carthesian system but I don't know how convert this number in meters. Or
there is another war to do this!?!



I use geoserver to show maps and works very well.

This is a my example query:




          geomfromtext('POINT(14.7926950454712 41.1229515075684)', 4236), 

          geomfromtext('POINT(14.7931413650513 41.1228904724121)', 4236) 


Return 0,000450473592882729 !?!!?



Since SRID 4236 has UNIT["degree",.] I tried to use the "transform" function
in this way:


select  distance(

41.1229515075684)', 4236), 26986),

41.1228904724121)', 4236), 26986)



Because SRID 26986 has UNIT["metre".]



But I didn't solve the problem.


Thanks Fabio

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