[postgis-users] How to get a java.awt.Polygon from a postgis wkb geometry column?

Stefan Zweig stefanzweig1881 at web.de
Fri Jul 6 04:38:36 PDT 2007

hi list,

i am just wondering how i can draw to screen a Poylgon (or a Polyline/Point) which is stored in a postgis db?

i have geographical coordinates stored in a table with the geometry coloumn being in the wkb format. i know, how to connect to my postgres db and how to query the geometry from that table (e.g. select the_geom from testtable where...). now i would need some javaclasses/javamethods which create Polygons (Polylines/Point) as i walk through the result set. i know that there is a wkb4j library, but unfortunately this badly documented and i don't know how to use it.

has anybody experiences with that issue? i would appreciate any help.

thanks in advance, stefan
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