[postgis-users] Configuration and getting started issues

Khavindra Sivenandan khavindra at sefsa.co.za
Wed Aug 6 07:04:32 PDT 2008

Hi There

I am new to PostGIS/PostgreSQL. Can somebody help me with the following support information.

I went as far as installing PostgreSQL & PostGIS. I require to configure the Geometry_Columns Table as in the manual. It is somewhat vague as to the inputs into the columns F_Table_Catalogue, F_Table_Schema & F_Table_Name. I have managed to sort out the other columns as indicated in the manual (4.2.2)

I have managed to connect to the database from various opensource desktop GIS software, but my database is not configured correctly. Is there any detailed material, other than the online manual I can look up or can somebody please help me to move on further from here. Ultimately, I would like to move data (shapefiles) into the database within some classification system (e.g. by Province, state, etc...) which can then be utilised by desktop and web users.


Khavin Sivenandan
Khavindra at sefsa.co.za
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