[postgis-users] Finding a PostGIS guru (in Australia)

Santosh Gaikwad Santosh.Gaikwad at saama.com
Wed Jan 2 21:41:05 PST 2008

Dear Craig,


I am interested in your job offer.  Let me know your email id so that I
will write to you in detail.


Thanks & Regards,


Santosh Gaikwad

Senior Software Developer

Saama Technologies (India) Pvt. Ltd.,
Unit No.101-102, First floor,
Weikfield estates, 
Pune Nagar Road,
Pune - 411 014. India
Phone : +91 20 66071397

Mobile: +91-9422005927
E-mail :Santosh.Gaikwad at saama.com

http://www.saama.com <http://www.saama.com> 


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I work for a small agricultural management company and have been
'dabbling' with PostGIS for over a year now.

We have started developing a (spatial) database to manage our assets and
land management practices. We are wanting to employe a PostGIS/SQL guru
who has additional skills in programming/scripting and Linux to get our
system and data collection processes integrate and humming along. 

Where is the best place to find such a person in Australia?
Are there any readers of the list who would be interested?
What sort of salary (range) are we talking about?
Does anyone have a job description they have used to employ such a
person that I could use? 

Naturally most of the advertised jobs are focussed on proprietary
database management. Obviously, if a person had skills in SQL they could
be applied to the spatial functions provided by PostGIS, however I am
wanting someone with experience in spatial data to minimise the

A always, input/comments/suggestions are welcome.

Thanks in advance,


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