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Chris Hermansen chris.hermansen at timberline.ca
Fri Jun 6 07:12:04 PDT 2008

Hmm I wonder.

Here are the instructions from the PostGIS web site.  Why don't you try 
them, as user postgres of course and with the full path to the .sql files

Maybe it's that UTF8 stuff?

Also, not that you got that far, but you seem to be missing the 
spatial_ref_sys.sql part too.

createlang plpgsql yourtestdatabase
psql -d yourtestdatabase -f lwpostgis.sql
psql -d yourtestdatabase -f spatial_ref_sys.sql

Chris H wrote:
> Greets:
> Currently working on installing osm/mapnik support for gpsdrive. This requires 
> postgres and postgis integration. As this is a first run with all of this I'm 
> rather new to postgis. 
> Was wondering if anyone could offer some insight or advise on how to diagnose 
> the following problem. The instruction set that I'm following reads as 
> follows:
> $> su
> #> su - postgres
> $> <commands...>
> As the postgres user run the following to create the database:
> NOTE:	Replace username with the user that will be using mapnik.
> $> createuser username
> $> createdb -E UTF8 -O username gis
> $> createlang plpgsql gis
> This all works fine. No issues here. However the next set of commands barf 
> consistently. 
> 4.1	As the postgresql super user:
> NOTE:	Replace username with the user that will be using mapnik.
> $> psql -d gis -f /usr/share/postgresql-8.3-postgis/lwpostgis.sql
> $> echo "ALTER TABLE geometry_columns OWNER TO username; ALTER TABLE 
> spatial_ref_sys OWNER TO username;"  | psql -d gis
> $> exit
> #> exit
> The line "psql -d gis -f /usr/share/postgresql-8.3-postgis/lwpostgis.sql" 
> returns the following:
> psql:/usr/share/postgresql-8.3-postgis/lwpostgis.sql:1557: ERROR:  current 
> transaction is aborted, commands ignored until end of transaction block
> psql:/usr/share/postgresql-8.3-postgis/lwpostgis.sql:1563: ERROR:  current 
> transaction is aborted, commands ignored until 
> This error repeats all the way up to 6430 until the command "ROLLBACK" is 
> issued. 
> How I can diagnose the source of this error as its been plaguing me on 8.2 as 
> well as 8.3. System is latest Kubuntu with all updates and the user chris123 
> has access to postgresql. 
> Kind regards for any insight or info. 
> Best and thanks


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