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Milo van der Linden mlinden at zeelandnet.nl
Sun Jun 8 14:33:04 PDT 2008

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As co-owner of a dutch company called 3DSite, we have a 3D front end
that works in conjunction with webservices that parse vrml to our
privately held delphi front-end. We are facing a lot of challenges with
our product and therefor have been watching open source 3D GIS
development for the past 4 years. It is encouraging to see that work is
being done at serverside and I am eager to participate in this work!

One of the main challenges is finding a front-end for x3d spatial data
that has good performance, is cross platform and can be fine tuned to a
functional area of interest.

One of the best front-ends we came across is Ben Discoe's Virtual
Terrain Project (www.vterrain.org). And my gut feeling tels me the best
thing to do would be to find synergy between VTP and x3d extensions to
postGIS. In that way, it might speed up creating a user-base and create
a broader community.

I cannot wait to see more about this topic and intend to draw a line
into the VTP community to see if they might be willing to find a
connection to postGIS x3d.

Randy George wrote:
> Hi,
> 	I'm hoping this will generate more interest in supporting
> Camptocamp's TIN and PolyhedralSurface extensions in future PostGIS
> releases. 

I hereby commit to supporting this!

This is really quite in line with the mapping/GIS origins of
> PostGIS, especially as the mapping world encroaches more into virtual world
> technologies. X3D, KML, Google Skp, and MS WPF are all pushing mapping into
> the virtual world space. 
> 	Terrain models with subsampled pyramids can work pretty well using
> tiff raster models outside of PostGIS. OGC WMS or WCS layers seem
> appropriate for this. But I'm thinking spatial features like buildings,
> pipelines, industrial facilities need more organizing and these manmade
> features would work better with combined RDBMS/GIST type queries to manage
> the multitude of surfaces in even a moderately complex building. 
> 	I guess 3D CAD models have a long history, but lack an OSS
> community. OSS development in the GIS stack is fairly advanced and PostGIS
> could work pretty well for architectural models considering their spatially
> fixed anchors. For instance a nice 3D model of the NYC subway system could
> coexist very well in a GIS framework as polyhedralsurface elements. It is
> all spatial in the end, which is why GIS tends to absorbs CAD rather than
> the other way around. 
> Here are some links I find fascinating as far as mapping and virtual worlds:
> 	http://www.google.com/earth/plugin/examples/milktruck/  
> 	http://blogs.msdn.com/msroboticsstudio/
> randy
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