[postgis-users] Postgis for geology work

Gustavo Ces g.ces at pettra.es
Fri Jun 13 00:05:33 PDT 2008

Hi Randy,

    i was experimenting just a little with  x3d viewers ( flux ) and works 
well with shapefiles files exported from arcgis as vrml ( for example). I 
have to install camp2camp tools in postgis to continue experimenting but now 
with postgis and asX3d .It´s just a visualizer, you can´t interact with data 
( in vrmls models, at least). It would be great if you could export 
geometries and other columns data, to interact in the browser directly in 3d 
and show geometries' data ( perhaps with kml+google earth browser 
But after reading GRASS 6, i think i won´t need browser, just 
GRASS+postgis+enthougth python ( i hope...).
I need to learn a lot about voxels, the way to store them as data in postgis 
or as numeric sets in other formats and integrate with other data...
It´s amazing, in 2d one is a competent (really?!) GIS analyst... just add a 
dimesion and you´ll convert in a GIS re-newbie! :)


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