[postgis-users] Postgis installation - Trouble with 'make check'

Mark Cave-Ayland mark.cave-ayland at siriusit.co.uk
Fri Jun 20 02:24:26 PDT 2008

Paul Ramsey wrote:
> What GEOS are you using, Bill? Your PostGIS is mismatched to the GEOS.
> Or, at least, *something* is mismatched. Do you have old GEOS libs
> hanging around? Old postgis libs? Try really reaming out the system
> and ensure that the only things around are your new fresh builds.
> P

Yeah, I agree. If you are using 1.3.3 then you should find that 
"topologypreservesimplify" should only be enabled if you are using a SVN 
GEOS version (i.e. after 3.0.0). Maybe the output at the end of 
configure will give you some clues as to which version you are picking up?



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