[postgis-users] countries with more than one srid ?

Smith Roman autisi at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 4 08:33:28 PDT 2009

Hi,My data is made up of many states. I intend putting them all in one table. But i discovered that the data I am working with (nigeria) has two srid's 26331 and 26332 which one should I use ? (I am not that skilled in map projections). I believe each srid corresponds to a particular region is it possible to insert data with different srid's together ? I intend leaving the data in UTM because i need to do distance calculations in meters and wgs 84 (lon, lat) will not meet my needs.Anybody with the same situation out there ? I know there are many countries in the world with more than one srid. How do they handle this situation in postgis ?Cheers,Smith Roman.

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