[postgis-users] The Old Who is using PostGIS survey again?

Peter Hopfgartner peter.hopfgartner at r3-gis.com
Fri Jan 2 09:03:29 PST 2009

Paragon Corporation wrote:
> Leo and I have a good portion of a PostGIS book written.  Ideally we would
> like to get a publisher to publish it, but seem to be running into the same
> obstacles.  No publisher seems to think people use PostGIS to warrant enough
> demand for a book dedicated to it.
> So to make a decent case for a book, can each of you in your own words
> describe
> 1) How you use PostGIS?
We have been using it for all our GIS project since 2 years. Anything, 
from simulations for air traffic control to software for managing child 
plays, public green areas and a lot of other stuff.
> 2) What you find useful about it over anything else?
To my current knowledge it is the most complete open source OGC/Simple 
Features compliant database based software. There is no real competion 
to it.
> 3) Why you think there should be any book written focused on its use and of
> course if such a thing were to exist, would you buy it?
Internally, we rely a lot on printed books, since you can take them home 
for a good read over the week end, make annotations, create a common 
knowledge base...
> Of course I'll also need some official download stats etc. which hopefully
> the Refractions group can help out with.  I think Mark Cave-Ayland had
> posted some stats a while back, but can't find them.
> Thanks,
> Regina

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