[postgis-users] The Old Who is using PostGIS survey again?

surya storma-ipb at indo.net.id
Mon Jan 5 06:05:10 PST 2009

> 1) How you use PostGIS?

I use PostGIS to store time series land use data captured  with remote 
sensing for the whole watershed in the country and relate them to hydrologic 
characteristics of the watersheds such as water quality, flooding  and base 
flow. We have around 400 watersheds to monitor. Using UMN Mapserver and 
PostGIS, public can easily observ forest cover change from time to time on 
watershed base and also be able to check the impact of watershed 
rehabilitation program on hydrologic parameter from time to time.

> 2) What you find useful about it over anything else?

I found much simpler spatial query campared to desktop GIS, especially
buffering operation. Using PostGIS I just need to run one SQL, but using 
desktop GIS i need to go over many intermediate maps.

> 3) Why you think there should be any book written focused on its use and
> of
> course if such a thing were to exist, would you buy it?

For beginner or intermediate users any documents or books would be helpful,
especially spatial SQL. It would be also very usefull  for GIS students  as 
a text book in spatial

Watershed Management Consultant

> Of course I'll also need some official download stats etc. which hopefully
> the Refractions group can help out with.  I think Mark Cave-Ayland had
> posted some stats a while back, but can't find them.
> Thanks,
> Regina
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