[postgis-users] The Old Who is using PostGIS survey again?

RAVI KUMAR ravivundavalli at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 5 07:46:08 PST 2009

Hi All,

 1) How you use PostGIS?
Use it with OpenJUMP as front end, for data base manipulation
mainly for 
           a) Projection of shape file 
           b) Mineral prognostication exercises
Have trained more than 100 geoscientists in one year in India
along with a dedicated group of Open GIS enthusiasts.

 2) What you find useful about it over anything else?
    Much easier even for complex analysis using SQL

 3 Why you think there should be any book written
   A book is always better than, just depending on the online help.
   Like the GRASS GIS book which is simply fantastic with so many worked  
   out examples.

I am trying to write some focused on Geosciences.


Ravi Kumar


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