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Lee Meilleur lee.meilleur at gis.leg.mn
Wed Mar 25 15:20:34 PDT 2009


I'm running a contiguity check using the ST_Disjoint function.  The results list the number of distinct polygons for a redistricting plan, some disjoint and some touching on a corner.  I need to distinguish between the two and also show the total of all.  To test this, I created a dataset that contains 2 sets of disjoint polygons.  When I run the ST_Disjoint expression, the district with 3 disjoint polygons is listed as having 6, while the district with 2 disjoint polygons is listed as having 2.  The feature type in this layer is polygon.  The expression I'm using is:

SELECT a.district, count(a.district) FROM planfile AS a, planfile AS b WHERE a.district = b.district AND ST_Disjoint(a.the_geom, b.the_geom) GROUP BY a.district;


district   |  count
17B         |    6  (incorrect)
26B         |   2  (correct)

Am I missing something?  Viewing the data in Quantum GIS shows three disjoint polygons for district 17B and three unique records in the attribute table.

I took this further and added another set of disjoint polygons.  At first just two, and the ST_Disjoint function shows two.  But when I increased it to four, the ST_Disjoint function came up with twelve.

I've tested this on two different PostGIS servers with the same results:

POSTGIS="1.3.2" GEOS="3.0.0-CAPI-1.4.1" PROJ="Rel. 4.6.0 Dec 2007 USE_STATS
POSTGIS="1.3.5" GEOS="3.0.3-CAPI-1.4.2" PROJ="Rel. 4.6.1 21 August 2008 "USE_STATS

Thanks in advance for any help.

Lee Meilleur

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