[postgis-users] Feautures omitted from ST_Buffer operation

Roger André randre at gmail.com
Wed Mar 25 16:20:21 PDT 2009

Hi All,

I'm having some problems with features that are being returned from an
ST_Buffer operation in PostGIS.  When I try to buffer the extents of Papua
New Guinea, a large region in the middle of its extents is omitted.  You can
see a visual representation of this at

If I just select the country itself, I get back all of the features that I'm
expecting.  In the image I've posted above, the black area indicates the
results of that query.

I am using postgresql-8.3.5, and postgis-1.3.3.  My select statements is as
    select name, Buffer(the_geom, .12) from coastlines where iso_3_code =

I've tried this using both a free countries shapefile, as well as an ESRI
one, and get the same results.  I'm a bit baffled, and unsure if I have a
problem with both data sets, or in my query, or...?  If someone else has had
a similar problem in the past, and can shed some light on it, I'd greatly
appreciate it.

Thanks in advance,

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