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The template database Nicklas is refering to is called template_postgis.
That always gets installed with the windows installer.  You can't uncheck it
so no need to go back to install to get it.  The test database postgis that
gets created is just a sample database.  I personally uncheck that setting.
To create a new postgis database, you use the template_postgis as the
template. (instead of the default template1 )
Its all outlined here
(though note this one is for PostGIS 1.4)
There is no such table called SPATIAL_GEOMETRY_COLUMNS .
The tables are
geometry_columns and spatial_ref_sys
If you don't see those in your database or the below function doesn't work,
then you do not have postgis installed in your database
SELECT postgis_full_version();
As Nicklas said better to go with PostGIS 1.4.1, but if you are using
postgis 1.3.6, then the file is called lwpostgis.sql (instead of postgis.sql
(for 1.4 and upcoming 1.5))
Hope that clarifies things.


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How do you mean it is working well?
If you have all the spatial functionality working you most likely have :
spatial_ref _sys table
in your public schema.
But as I understood you, you have installed PostGIS with stackbuilder but
without creating the template-database. Then all nessecary dll-files and
sql-scrips is installed, but the database is not spatially enabled. And that
can be done as I described in last mail. That have to be done for each new
database that you want to use spatial functionality in. The difference if
you had installed the template database is that then you could have
spatially enabled a new database by using db postgis as template.
Do you have a functional database with spatial functionality eg st_distance,
st_union and so on? or have you "only" installed postgis in the server, yet.

2010-01-13 Oscar Zamudio wrote:

Thanks Nicklas,>
Maybe I did not expressed my questions very well. I already have a database
with PostGIS enabled and I am working well with it. I installed PostGIS
1.3.6 in PostgreSQL as I mentioned using the App. Stack Builder. 
My problem is that now I want to check some PostGIS features as Reference
systems because I need to measure distances etc.. As I'm reading the
manuals, I learned about the existence of a SPATIAL_GEOMETRY_COLUMNS table
(or example) that I didn't find in my installation nor in my customer
installation. I used to see in another installation a database with the name
"postgis" so I thought that maybe in that database (that I guess is a master
database for PostGIS extension) I would find the tables that mention hte
As I made a mistake in the original installation of PostGIS (didn't check
the creation of "postgis" database) I want to reinstall it and this time
check that option. How can I make this reinstallation and more important:
can I do this without affecting my own PostGIS enabled database I already
created in PosgreSQL? 
I certainly cannot update now to the last version of PostgreSQL and PostGIS
because my customer use this configuration and I don't want to push them now
to make these changes.
On Wed, Jan 13, 2010 at 10:33 AM, Nicklas Avén <nicklas.aven at jordogskog.no>
> > 
Hallo Oscar > 
You can spatially enable any database by loading and running 
for instance in pgAdmin
I think that's the right name of the files for your version and you can find
them in :
C:\Program files\PostgreSQL\8.3\share\contrib
or something corresponing on your system.
Probably you will have to remove the lines with "vacuum" in the
spatial_ref_sys.sql before running. That issue shoud be fixed in upcoming
PostGIS 1.5
But if you have the possibility you probably want to upgrade both database
and postgis. Latest stable now is
PostgreSQL 8.4.2 and PostGIS 1.4. Hopefully in a couple of weeks PostGIS 1.5
will be released.
Hope that helps

> 2010-01-13 Oscar Zamudio wrote:
> Hi everybody. I'm a newbie and trying to use PostGIS with PostgreSQL in
Windows. I installed PostgreSQL 8.3 and also PostGIS 1.3.6 using the
Application Stack Builder. Spatial queries are working fine but I have some
doubts about the PostGIS configuration. Where can I find the SPATIAL_REF_SYS
Table for example, or the GEOMETRY_COLUMNS table? At the time I was
installing the PostGIS extension I didn't check the creation of a postgis
database. I guess postgis database contains the tables that I'm looking for.
Am I wrong? >
I was thinking in reinstall the PostGIS 1.3.6 and create the postgis
database but I don't know how, as the Application Stack Builder doesn't
allow me to do that. Can anybody help me? Thanks in advance

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