[postgis-users] Spliting linestrings

Pavel Iacovlev iacovlev.pavel at gmail.com
Thu Jul 1 12:43:20 PDT 2010

Good day,

I have a line table (id, the_geom, elevation) (around 500mb) with contour
lines in it. Some of the contour lines are really big (lots of vertices and
large area) which results in a very big bbox so they are always fetched when
I make a query of a specific region which increases select time

a) Is there a way to split a linestrings into smaller segments with N length
and keeping the elevation value ?
b) If "a" is a very complicated SQL query can someone help with spliting the
linestring at each node into new row keeping the elevation attribute ?

http://iap.md, The future is open
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