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We came across this one recently.  Mostly just looking for free tool with a
nice ER Diagrammer with print functionality and export to image etc and this
one seemed to generate nice ER diagrams for PostgreSQL  from the table
foreign key constraints that you can export as blown up png image or svg
format (we usually just print to a pdf printer).  Haven't tried its other
features or on large databases yet though.
You just register the JDBC driver like you do with any other database.  We
were using the PostgreSQL 8.4 JDBC 4 driver with it.
Leo and Regina


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I'm working on a complex PostgreSQL / Postgis-Database with > 200 tables.
At this time there is no good documentation for the database so I'm
searching for a OpenSource / cheap database-documentation software that 
creates the table/field structure and relations/ERdiagram to a open format 
(e.g. html).
Any hints?
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