[postgis-users] lidar: what is the recommended wayof storing/indexing

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Okay since everyone is providing their suggestions, let me provide my less
than educated suggestion based on my fuzzy assumption of how Lidar is
Why don't you just use the new WKT Raster (PostGIS raster storage)?  It
allows you to store multiple bands per pixel.  I think you might even be
able to use GDAL to load the Lidar data right in ot the PostGIS raster
storage format given this bug fix.
So I'm  imaging your z, range, target number, reflectance you would store as
separate raster bands.
Pierre and Jorge can correct me, but I don't think there is a limit on the
number of raster bands you can store per raster tile
With that you can do spatial intersects queries to pull out the different
band values with 
The meta data function would be useful for letting you know how many bands
you have etc.
Hope that helps,


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Indeed, a column store for arrays is usually quite ;-) inefficient.
Let me point you to the rasdaman array DBMS which plugs into PostgreSQL and
offers an optimized array query language on top. See www.rasdaman.org.


Paul Ramsey wrote: 

Oh, actually one-row-per-point is a bad idea, because the size of

lidar sets mitigates against that. Putting them into multipoint

collections of 50 or 100 points is better. But that implies

preprocessing things a bit to find good patches. In generally, there's

a lot of tooling needed to do this well, I fear.


On Thu, Jul 8, 2010 at 6:27 AM, Paul Ramsey  <mailto:pramsey at opengeo.org>
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There is no recommended way right now. It's a core development

activity I'd love to have funded... :)


In the meanwhile a approach might be to put the x/y/z into a postgis

geometry and stuff the rest of the data into an array of doubles in

another column. Your app would need to know which array element was

which kind of data, but you'd still have it all available.


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Hi everyone,

is there a recommended way of storing lidar data in postgis?

In particular, I am interested in not just storing long, lat, alt but also

keeping all the raw data (for example range, target number, reflectance,





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