[postgis-users] MULTIPOINT

Michael A. Peters mpeters at shastaherps.org
Tue Jul 13 03:06:36 PDT 2010

I am working on switching my site to postgresql specifically to use PostGIS.

My web site draws simple maps in SVG, currently I use shape files exported
to mif and run through a shell script that loads them into MySQL with one
row per point. Works but not optimal. Hence why I am switching.

Part of switching is porting my svg generation class to understand WKT so
I can (hopefully) just grab that from postgis, greatly simplifying things.
I'm pretty much done with that but I seem to have conflicting information

Some document, IE
gives this as an example:


Other sources (IE wikipedia but not only them) but parenthesis around each
point, IE

MULTIPOINT((0 0),(1 2))

Which is correct, or are both correct?
More importantly, which would postgis spit at me for multipoint data?

Michael A. Peters


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