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Nicklas Avén nicklas.aven at jordogskog.no
Tue Jul 13 04:04:57 PDT 2010

Hallo  It seems like PostGIS reads both and makes no difference of them from:select st_equals('MULTIPOINT(1 1, 2 2)'::geometry,'MULTIPOINT((1 1), (2 2))'::geometry); It also seems like the output in both cases are in the form 'MULTIPOINT(1 1, 2 2)' from this:select st_astext('MULTIPOINT(1 1, 2 2)'::geometry), st_astext('MULTIPOINT((1 1), (2 2))'::geometry); If you want to get SVG out of PostGIS, isn't ST_AsSVG an option? but you will need at least PostGIS 1.4.http://postgis.org/documentation/manual-1.5/ST_AsSVG.html
2010-07-13 Michael A. Peters wrote:

>I am working on switching my site to postgresql specifically to use PostGIS.
>My web site draws simple maps in SVG, currently I use shape files exported
>to mif and run through a shell script that loads them into MySQL with one
>row per point. Works but not optimal. Hence why I am switching.
>Part of switching is porting my svg generation class to understand WKT so
>I can (hopefully) just grab that from postgis, greatly simplifying things.
>I'm pretty much done with that but I seem to have conflicting information
>Some document, IE
>gives this as an example:
>MULTIPOINT(0 0,1 2)
>Other sources (IE wikipedia but not only them) but parenthesis around each
>point, IE
>MULTIPOINT((0 0),(1 2))
>Which is correct, or are both correct?
>More importantly, which would postgis spit at me for multipoint data?
>Michael A. Peters
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