[postgis-users] gdal2wktraster.py wildchar not working

Pierre Racine Pierre.Racine at sbf.ulaval.ca
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This is strange... They are all in the same folder? How many there are? As a test, does it work if there is only 2?

Where did you get WKT Raster? Do you have the last version?

What if you do: gdal2wktraster.py --version

If you could reduce the big raster to a smaller one which repeat the original bug and provide it to us use it would be very useful.

Also, normally you will also want to retile your smaller rasters with the -k option to tiles (something like 100x100 or 200x200), specify the reference system with the -s option and create an index with the -I option. Did you read the tutorial?


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Hi All,

as gdal2wktraster.py has a bug that prevents importing big rasters, I have split the raster using

gdal_retile.py -v -ps 10000 10000 -targetDir test test.png

I created a lot of tif files...

then I've tried to create a sql with this:

./gdal2wktraster.py -r test/*.tif -t newtable -o newtable.sql

and gdal2wktraster.py read only 1 file:

sebas at SeansPC:~/rasters$ ./gdal2wktraster.py -r test/*.tif -t newtable -o newtable.sql
 Summary of GDAL to WKT Raster processing:
Number of processed raster files: 1 (test/test_01_01.tif)
List of generated tables (number of tiles):
1       newtable (1)

any other easy way to import big rasters ?

Sebastian E. Ovide

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