[postgis-users] gdal2wktraster.py wildchar not working

Sebastian E. Ovide sebastian.ovide at gmail.com
Wed Jul 21 01:14:58 PDT 2010

Hi All,

as gdal2wktraster.py has a bug that prevents importing big rasters, I have
split the raster using

gdal_retile.py -v -ps 10000 10000 -targetDir test test.png

I created a lot of tif files...

then I've tried to create a sql with this:

./gdal2wktraster.py -r test/*.tif -t newtable -o newtable.sql

and gdal2wktraster.py read only 1 file:

sebas at SeansPC:~/rasters$ ./gdal2wktraster.py -r test/*.tif -t newtable -o
 Summary of GDAL to WKT Raster processing:
Number of processed raster files: 1 (test/test_01_01.tif)
List of generated tables (number of tiles):
1       newtable (1)

any other easy way to import big rasters ?

Sebastian E. Ovide
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